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Daily Bible Reading for April 4, 2014, with Commentary: Jeremiah 7-11

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Context: Chapters 7-10 take place after the Law was found in the temple by King Josiah.  Chapter 7 addresses the people who had returned to the Temple of the Lord because it was popular to do at the time.  They had failed to return to the Lord in their hearts.  The people were also under the false impression that because the Temple of the Lord stood, they could not be conquered.  Essentially, the Temple was being worshipped as a false god, similar to the way the Ark of the Covenant was worshipped in 1 Samuel.  The people also continued in their wicked ways, while claiming to worship the Lord.  Failing to repent was and is rejection of the Lord.  What Judah failed to realize then, and what we fail to realize now, is that just because life appears to be fine on the outside does not mean all is well between us and the Lord.  Eventually punishment will come.  Chapter 9 exposes Jeremiah's and the Lord's heartbreak at the people refusing to return to Him.  Jeremiah is also known as the Weeping Prophet.  He would often be in tears while he proclaimed God's judgment.  He did not want to see his fellow people suffer as he knew they would for rejecting the Lord.  Chapter 10 rejects the idols worshipped.  Compared to what God is done, why would you place your faith in anything else?!  Since the people of Judah now knew the Law, they were expected to follow it, and would be severely punished for not doing so.  In 11:18, Jeremiah is rejected by his hometown.  The Lord told Jeremiah that they are not worth prophesying to anymore, as they had rejected the word of God and plotted to kill Jeremiah.


World History: Approximately 20 years before Josiah became king, Japan is established as a nation.  Around the time Josiah became king, horse racing was introduced as an Olympic event at the 33rd Olympic Games.




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