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No men and women have been

executed in the United States in 2019.

Daily Bible Reading for April 15, 2014, with Commentary: 1 Samuel 26-31

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Context: Saul is once again searching for David.Again, David, with the Lord's help, is able to sneak up on Saul.Instead of killing him, David steals his spear, again proving to Saul that he has no ill intentions towards him.Saul again admits his mistake in hunting for David and returns home.David, though, still fears for his life and goes to live amongst the Philistines.He lives on land near Achish, son of the King of Gath.Achish believes that David is loyal to him, not realizing David has been lying to him to protect himself.After David had been living with Achish for over one year, the Philistines were preparing for battle with Israel.Saul inquired of the Lord but received no answer.In a desperate move, Saul uses a spirit woman to contact Samuel.Samuel informed Saul that he would die the following day.Achish wanted David to fight alongside of him, against the Israelites, but the other Philistine commanders insisted that David return to Ziklag, where he and his men and their families had been living.When they returned, they found that it had been plundered and burned and their families had been taken by the Amalekites, whom Saul failed to completely destroy.David, after inquiring of the Lord, set out in pursuit and recovered every missing person and every missing item, taking plunder from the enemy whom he killed all except 400 who escaped.During the battle between the Israelites and the Philistines, Saul's sons are killed and Saul killed himself so that he could not be taken alive by the Philistines.





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