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Daily Bible Reading for April 20, 2014, with Commentary: 2 Corinthians 1-3

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Author: Apostle Paul

Date: AD 55

Context: Paul begins his letter by identifying himself as an apostle of Christ Jesus, a title which grants his words additional weight.Paul, before diving into the problems within the Corinth church, defends and explains his previous actions which had led to misunderstandings, accusations, and mistrust.Paul had told the Corinthians that he would visit again on a return trip, but did not.They believed that Paul was not a man of his word.Paul explained that his choice was to prevent further pain to himself and the Corinthians.He wanted his visit to be one of joy, where they could take comfort in one another, not a visit of rebuke as his last had been, hence his harsh letters.

World History: This is actually Paul's third letter to the Corinthians, however his second letter has since been lost.The travel plans outlined by Paul at the end of 1 Corinthians had to be changed due to Timothy's report after delivering the first letter.Timothy returned from his trip and reported that the condition of the church in Corinth had become even worse.Paul made a hasty trip to Corinth, during which time he found himself under attack by a member of the congregation.Paul sent Titus to Corinth with his second letter, instructions on how to discipline a church member.Titus reported that the Corinthians had positively responded to that letter, however, there was a new threat: missionaries for Judea had arrived and were challenging Paul's legitimacy as an apostle.Paul sent Titus back to Corinth with this letter, 2 Corinthians.





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