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Daily Bible Reading for June 9, 2014, with Commentary: Leviticus 1-3

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Author: Moses

Date Written: Uncertain.The events in Leviticus follow immediately after the events in Exodus.

Context: Today's reading tells of three acceptable offerings that could be made to the Lord.The instructions for each offering are clear and precise, with important points emphasized more than once.There was no room for negotiation with the Lord.The burnt offering called for an unblemished, domesticated animal sacrifice.They were to give to the Lord the best of what they had, not whatever was left over.Today, we are to give our best to the Lord.He is to be a priority, not leftover time at the end of the day.A grain offering required work to grind the flour into fine flour.Today, our flour already come ground up and smooth.Then they had to do it by hand.It required time and energy.Honoring the Lord takes time and energy.Honoring the Lord is not a checklist; it requires conscious thought and action every day.A piece offering is similar to a burnt offering, however, instead of the entirety of the meat being burned, only the specific portion, a choice portion is.Again, the Lord, and sacrifice and service to Him, comes first!He is to be given our best!

World History:Leviticus begins and ends at Mt. Sinai, where the Israelites were taken by the Lord following their escape from Egypt.God is now speaking to Moses in the Tabernacle instead of on the mountain.





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