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Daily Bible Reading for May 7, 2014, with Commentary: Psalm 54-56

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Context: All three of today's psalms were written by David.Psalm 54 was written by David after he had been betrayed to Saul by the Ziphites (1 Samuel 23).David cried out in distress to the Lord for salvation from his enemies.He also placed his faith in the Lord for salvation by remembering how the Lord had saved him from previous troubles.David had confidence that the Lord would save him again.So often when we cry out to the Lord for help, we fail to place our complete faith in Him to resolve the problem.Completely place the trouble in the hands of the Lord, as David does, and have faith that it will be resolved.Psalm 55 may have been written when David fled from his son, Absalom, when he was betrayed by a close and trusted friend (2 Samuel 15).David is quite miserable and upset.He did the only thing he could do; he turned to the Lord.Instead of handling matters on his own, David trusted that the Lord would administer justice to the wicked.Psalm 56 was written when the Philistines captured David at Gath.David was afraid but placed his faith and trust in the Lord.





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