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Daily Bible Reading for May 8, 2014, with Commentary: Job 37-38

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Context: Chapter 37 is a continuation of Elihu's fourth speech, which began in chapter 36.Elihu is continuing to talk about God's greatness and how His glory is visible in a nature.Beginning in verse 14, Elihu admonishes Job (14-20), before talking of the Lord's divine splendor (21-24).In chapter 38, the Lord speaks!It is what Job has been waiting for, only it is not exactly what Job had in mind.God openly challenges Job (2-3), before launching in to a description of the structure of the world, which will continue throughout chapter 39 (38:4-39:30).God describes the foundations of the earth (4-8), the binding of the sea (9-11), the creation of light (12-15), the recesses of the deep (16-18) and the recesses of darkness and light (19-21), and snow and hail (22-24).God then talks of maintaining the world (38:24-39:30), beginning with the inanimate elements (25-28) and then moving on to the animate creatures of the earth (38:39-39:30).The descriptions by God are humbling.




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