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Daily Bible Reading for May 23, 2014, with Commentary: Jeremiah 42-46

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Context: Jeremiah is approached by a group of people seeking to leave Judah for Egypt.They ask Jeremiah to inquire of the Lord as to what they should do, promising to obey.When Jeremiah tells, them that must not leave and that they will be blessed by staying, they accuse him of lying and, once again, ignore the Word of the Lord.The remnant forced several others, including Jeremiah, to go to Egypt with them.While in Egypt, they were warned that God would send Babylon to conquer Egypt, and now they would become slaves.Chapter 45 jumps back to the reign of Jehoiakim, to a prophecy given to Baruch, a friend and assistant to Jeremiah.Baruch is the one who recorded the prophecies spoken by Jeremiah to take to the king, who cut and burned them.This prophecy is one of encouragement of Baruch.Chapter 46 is a prophecy of judgment on Egypt.Babylon will come and defeat Egypt.The final two verses are ones of hope and encouragement for Israel.




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