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executed in the United States in 2019.

Daily Bible Reading for June 14, 2014, with Commentary: Luke 11-12

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Context: Jesus teaches the disciples how to pray.Read our in-depth commentary here.Jesus is accused of being Satan himself after driving out demons.Those making these accusations did not fully consider their charges.Demons are the army of Satan, sent out to cause chaos.Why would Satan cast out demons that are doing exactly what he wants?It is only through the power of God that demons are driven out.Jesus' woes to the Pharisees were actually expressions of deep regret. Jesus pronounces woe on the Pharisees for putting religious duty ahead of God's teachings (11:42), worshipping to be seen instead of teaching (43), and for being ritually unclean because they do not follow the Law in their hearts (44).Jesus pronounces woes against the experts in the law for interpreting the law in such a way that makes it impossible to follow and then criticizing those who do not follow the law (46), for being no better than their forefathers who killed prophets and did not listen to them (47), and for ignoring the truth of God's message (52).Jesus provides warning and encouragement to those listening.Life on this earth is not what is important, our eternal life is.Jesus warns that like life on this earth, wealth is also fleeting.We are to always be prepared, for no one knows the time of the Lord's return.Those with knowledge have a greater responsibility to the Lord.





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