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Daily Bible Reading for June 18, 2014, with Commentary: Psalm 72-74

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Context: Psalm 72 was likely written, as indicated in the final verse, by King David for his son, Solomon.While the psalm directly refers to Solomon, it also clearly relates to the coming of Jesus Christ.Psalm 73 begins a new book of psalms.Psalm 73 and 74 were both written by Asaph, a temple musician.Psalm 73 asks an age-old question: Why do the wicked seem to prosper and the Godly suffer?Asaph did not have an answer then and we do not have the answer now.Pay careful attention to verses 16 and 17.Our view is often limited to our time on earth, God looks at eternity.So yes, the wicked may prosper for 50, 60, or even 100 years, but in the end, for all eternity, they will suffer.We should instead remember, we may suffer for 50, 60, or even 100 years, but in the end, for all eternity, we will be celebrating with the Lord!Psalm 74 is a prophetic psalm.The enemy will come and invade Israel.They will defile the Temple and then level it to the ground.Help will and can only come from God, who will rescue and restore His people.

World History: Some scholars have attributed the division of Psalms to the first five books of the Bible.Psalms 1-41 deal with themes of creation: the Genesis section.Psalms 42-72 deal with themes of crying out for the Lord: the Exodus section.Psalms 73-89 deal prominently with the Tabernacle: the Leviticus section





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