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Daily Bible Reading for June 19, 2014, with Commentary: Proverbs 5-6

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Context: Chapter 5 and the last half of chapter 6 warn against sexual immorality.Compare these verses to the sex education going on in schools and homes today.Do they align?Sexually transmitted diseases are viewed by many as nothing more than something that happens, yet they are preventable!Why do we willing inflict such things upon ourselves?For physical pleasure that lasts no more than a moment?Sex when married is a wonderful, pleasurable activity!But it is for marriage alone.The first half of chapter 6 offers several pieces of business advice: warning against legal entanglement (1-5), warning against laziness (6-11), warning against conspirators (12-15), and Israel's Seven Deadly Sins (16-19).Chapter 6 then considers, again, the devastating consequences of sexual immorality.Sexual immorality is rampant in today's society.The further from God we go, the greater our problems become.

World History: Ants are often referenced in opposition to laziness.Ants are known for being hard, diligent workers, building amazing labyrinths underground.The ants not only work hard, but work together to achieve amazing feats.Ants work hard to preparing for the future.





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