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Daily Bible Reading for July 3, 2014, with Commentary: Proverbs 8-9

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Context: Wisdom comes from God, from studying His word and His instructions to us.  Life experiences, a "well-rounded" education, worldly knowledge, and extensive travels may be valued by many.  They may be considered the sign of a knowledgeable person, but without the word of God, all that knowledge is useless.  Wisdom, true wisdom, only comes from the Lord.  In chapter 9, both wisdom and folly have built schools and entice people to come.  People are clamoring to enter the school of folly.  It is attractive, it is easy, it lacks discipline, and, in the end, it leads to nothing.  Wisdom may be hard, but the eternal rewards are great.

World History: Throughout history, the number seven represents total completeness, lacking in nothing.  The fact that the house, or school, of wisdom is established with seven pillars tells the reader that wisdom through the Lord God is complete, not lacking in anything.




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