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Daily Bible Reading for July 15, 2014, with Commentary: 2 Kings 11-15

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Context: Although Ahab and Jezebel are dead, one of their daughters survived, Athaliah, as she was married to the King of Judah, Jehoram.  Ahaziah was her son and ruled for one year before dying.  Athaliah was very much like her mother and sought power.  She was able to rule her son and, through him, Judah.  Upon his death, Athaliah killed all her grandchildren and became queen.  One royal price survived, Joash.  This was cause for great rejoicing.  A prince from the line of David had survived!  Joash was very young, around seven, and had several advisors ruling for him, including a Godly priest who helped return Judah to the worship of the Lord God.  Joash faced a problem many churches and organizations face today: the money was not going where it was designated.  His solution to the problem is one we can still use today.  Chapter 13 demonstrates God’s willingness to forgive us, no matter our sin.  We also read of the final message from the prophet Elisha.  Even after his death, Elisha worked a miracle.  Imagine the faith he had in the Lord during his life!  The remaining chapters are summaries of the numerous kings of Israel and Judah.  Note who did evil and who did good in the eyes of the Lord.  One king of Judah who is of note is Uzziah (Azariah), whose death Isaiah mourned.  Even this king, who was seen as doing right in the eyes of the Lord, made mistakes.  He attempted to intrude on the office of the priest.  Therefore, he was afflicted with leprosy for the remainder of his life.  We will read more about this in 2 Chronicles.





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