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Daily Bible Reading for July 18, 2014, with Commentary: Ezekiel 31-36 

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Context: We begin today’s reading by continuing with the prophecies against Egypt.  Chapter 31 contains the 5th of 7 prophecies.  It describes the fall of the Cedar (pharaoh) of Egypt.  Chapter 32 contains the final two prophecies: the lament for the fall of Pharaoh (1-16) and the pharaoh being condemned to the pit (17-32).  The remainder of today’s reading deal with future prophecies.  Chapter 33 provides a warning to heed to the watchman (1-9), an exhortation to turn from evil (10-20), and the fall of Jerusalem and Israel’s failure to heed the warning (21-33).  Chapter 34 can be considered a sequel to chapter 22, as both foretell of the coming destruction.  In chapter 34, the leaders of Israel are described a shepherds as they are condemned and their removal is announced (1-10) and God announces He is taking over (11-16).  The people of Israel are described as sheep and God will judge and deliver them (17-24).  In the final verses of the chapter (25-31), a literal message is given to the people with the promise to deliver to them the covenant of peace.  Chapter 35 is a prophecy of judgment against Edom with the declaration of judgement (1-4) and the reason for judgment (5-15).  Chapter 36 tells of the repossession of the mountains of Israel (1-15), the reason for the restoration (16-23), the seven elements of the restoration (24-32), and the benefit of the restoration (33-38).





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