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Daily Bible Reading for July 21, 2014, with Commentary: Leviticus 19-21

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Context: Chapter 19 expands on some of the Ten Commandments applying them to everyday life in a social context.  The Lord chose to elaborate on areas where He knew the Israelites were weak.  This chapter focuses on the Israelites’ relationship with God (1-8), their relationship with the poor (9-10), their relationship with their neighbors (11-18), and their relationship to different life situations (19-37).  Chapter 20 contains the punishment for breaking the laws given by God.  The punishments are harsh, meant to deter crime and prevent lawlessness from spreading like a disease.  The final chapter for today, chapter 21, breaks away from the laws for the people and focuses on the priests.  There were various levels of priesthood and the greater the level, the more responsibility attributed to you.  The priests were the only people of Israel to have access to God.  Today, all believers can talk to Him and directly ask for His forgiveness.


World History:  Molech was a false god worshipped by Ammonites, Cannanites, and other tribes in what is not considered northern Africa.  Molech is known for demanding children be sacrificed to him.





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