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Daily Bible Reading for December 27, 2014, with Commentary: Acts 27-28

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Context: In these final two chapters, we follow Paul’s journey to Rome, which was not without complications. As Paul and his companions sail for Rome, Paul attempts to warn them of the coming the storm.  Paul is ignored, but later they listen when Paul assures them that if they do as he instructs, they will live.  This experience granted Paul the opportunity to reach out and share the Gospel with many others.  Paul had been promised by the Lord to teach in Rome, yet notice how long it has taken him to arrive.  Although Rome was the final destination, Paul had work to do along the way, spreading the Gospel.  We should not always be too eager to arrive at a destination or complete a task.  Sometimes the journey is just as important.   

World History: The Island of Malta is today, nearly 100 percent Christian.  They annually celebrate the shipwreck of Paul.  The way the book of Acts ends, has cause many to speculate that there was (or at least Luke intended) to write a third book.  If Luke did, it has been lost to us today.  What happened to Paul after arriving in Rome is uncertain.  He spent at least two years there, and is believed to have been acquitted of his charges.  Christian tradition holds that Paul was released for a time, where he continued spreading the Gospel.  It is thought that Paul was eventually arrested and put to death by beheading under Emperor Nero.




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