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January 12, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Genesis 8-11

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Context: Following the instructions of the Lord, Noah and his family, along with animals of every kind, were saved from the flood that consumed the earth.  When they exited the ark, an alter was built to the Lord.  God created a covenant with Noah that He would never again “destroy all living creatures.” Just as the Lord commanded Adam and Eve (Genesis 1:28), He commanded Noah's sons to populate the earth.  Ham became the father of Canaan and was cursed because he had broadcasted his father's problems to his brothers instead of taking care of the problem himself.  Chapter 10 is an account of Noah's sons and their families following the flood.  In chapter 11, mankind decided to build a tower to the heavens.  God had instructed that they were to populate the earth, instead they chose to remain together.  God separated the languages so that they would be forced to spread out.  The last half of chapter 11 details the genealogy of Abram (Abraham).

World History: Still early in history, secular and Christian accounts do not line up.  Scholars scoff at the story of the flood and of the Tower of Babel, insisting that such a flood was and is impossible and that there is no evidence to support that everyone used to speak the same language.  Numerous sites have been proposed as the location of the doomed tower, but none have been conclusively proven.  Additionally, numerous ancient historians have written of the time when all spoke the same language.  Again, the important thing is believing that God did as the Bible says, not demanding proof for every event.








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