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January 13, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Joshua 11-15

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Context: Joshua is continuing to defeat kings and their armies with the help of the Lord.  They continue to follow the instructions given to them by the Lord, through Moses, to destroy everyone in the cities that they conquer.  To some, such destruction may seem excessive, however, by destroying everything, they destroy anything that could lead them away from the Lord.  In chapter 13, we learn that the years of battle have passed quickly in our reading and Joshua is old.  He is told by the Lord that there is still more land to conquer and how the land is to be divided up among the 12 tribes.  Each tribe is to go out individually and conquer the remaining land that belongs to them.

World History: In 1184 BC, (Joshua is estimated to take place sometime between 1400 and 1100 BC) the city of Troy was alleged to have have been sacked when the Trojans entered the city by hiding in a wooden horse.  Much of the story we know is fantasy or myth.  The city of Troy is believed to have existed and the city was eventually destroyed, although the cause depends on which level of the city (they rebuilt on top of destroyed cities) you believe is Troy referred to in Homer's legend.







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