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February 9, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Genesis 24-27

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Context: Between Abraham and his servant we see that God keeps His word, so long as we keep faith in Him.  God told Abraham to leave his family and He will give him new land.  Abraham was confident that the Lord would provide an acceptable wife from his father's land for his son Isaac.  Abraham's servant asked for a specific event to occur to know which woman he should ask to come and be Isaac's wife.  We should not take away that God always operates in such an obvious manner, as He did with the servant.  Seek the Lord's advice constantly and listen for the guidance He provides.  Neither of Abraham's grandchildren, Esau and Jacob are without their flaws.  Esau was willing to disposed of the blessing with which he was born, and later plotted to murder his brother.  Jacob exploited his brother's situation and was deceitful with his father.  Isaac, Jacob, Esau, and Ishmael demonstrated that we should value our heritage, our family history

World History: A birthright refers to an advantage or special privileged given to the oldest son, such as a double portion of his father's land, compared to the single portion given to his siblings.  The blessing that Isaac sought to give to Esau was to announce him as head of the household upon Isaac's death.  The blessing usually also went to the eldest son. 






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