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February 11, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Psalm 18-20

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Context: All three of today's psalms are written by David.  Psalm 18 was written after the Lord delivered David from the hands of his enemy, Saul.  This psalm is also recorded in 2 Samuel 22:1-51.  This psalm can be broken into five parts: Praise for the Lord (1-3), David asking for help (4-6), God answering David (5-19), why God helps people (20-27), acknowledgement that everything comes from God (28-42), and God making David king (43-50).  Psalm 19 marvels at the Lord in creation (1-6), in His commandments (7-11), and the grace of God in Christ (12-14).  In Psalm 20, David prays to the Lord for help and gives thanksgiving for His coming salvation.





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