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February 18, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Psalm 21-23

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Context:As you read the first part of Psalm 21, picture Jesus as He ascends into Heaven.  He has achieved His victory and has obtained His reward.  The second half describes the horrors of war.  Psalm 22 is also known as the Psalm of the Cross.  It is Messianic Psalm, a psalm that refers to the Messiah, Jesus Christ.  The psalm can be read two ways.  The first is the obvious, as a psalm of David.  The second way, gives us a deeper understanding of Jesus' time on the cross, specifically the final seven words (or phrases) of Christ.  Verse 1 is a familiar lament, spoken by Jesus on the cross.  Verses 7-8 represent Jesus asking His Father to forgive those that had Him executed.  Verses 9-14 represent Jesus' words to His mother Mary, "Dear woman, here is your son." (John 19:26, NIV)  Her son was the son of God, sent to save us all by dying for our sins.  In verses 15-18, we see Jesus' strength is failing; "I am thirsty."  (John 19:28, NIV)  Verses 19-24 describe Jesus giving his spirit into the hands of his father (Luke 23:46).  Verses 25-30 reference His words to the thief next to Him on the cross who chose to believe (Luke 23: 43).  The final verse depicts Jesus' final assertion that His job is finished; He has completed what He came to earth to do.  He, a sinless man, has died for the sins of the world.  Psalm 23 is one of the most well known psalms of David.  Through faith in the Lord, we have nothing to fear.  He is there for us always, just as a shepherd is there for his sheep.







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