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April 23, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Job 33-34

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Context: Chapter 33 is the conclusion of Elihu's first speech.  He begins with an additional apology to Job (1-7) and claims to be speaking with the Spirit of God (4).  Elihu's summarizes Job's claim to be free of sin (8-11) and responds to Job's claim (12-30), before inviting Job to respond (31-33).  Job does not respond, so Elihu makes a second speech in chapter 34.  He summons Job to listen to him (1-4) and summarizes Job's complaint against God (5-9).  In Elihu's response to Job's complaint against God (10-30), he issues his thesis on God's just rule (10-15) and offers a defense of God's just rule (16-30).  Elihu then calls for a decision (31-33) and a judgement (34-37).

World History: Elihu is not a close friend of Job, but a promising young wise man who offers a different perspective.





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