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May 5, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for 2 Samuel 10-14

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Context: Chapter 10 sets of the story of war, during which David committed his greatest sin.  During the war with the Ammonites, David remained in Jerusalem and spies a beautiful woman bathing.  David already had several wives, yet he lusted and coveted this woman.  Because he was king, he took her to his bed.  Such an action has consequences.  She became with child.  David sent for her husband, in an attempt to trick the man into sleeping with his wife, thereby thinking the child was his.  When this plan failed, David had him killed and married the woman, Bathsheba.  Nathan the Prophet confronted David with his sin using a parable.  When David realized the graveness of his sin, he repented.  God forgave him, but took the child away.  David's son Ammon also lusted after a beautiful woman: his half-sister Tamar.  Ammon's lust quickly turned to hatred after he raped her.  Tamar's brother, Absalom, gives way to hate for Ammon and Absalom kills Ammon.  David failed to intervene in the sins of his children and prevent further sins.  As we will see later, David’s failure as a father will cause even more heartbreak.  

World History: Farming begins in the Kenyan highlands.  Those who would go on to form the Roman Republic and Empire began to appear in Italy.





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