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June 6, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Luke 9-10

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Context: As Jesus sends out His 12 disciples, He instructs them to rely on the Lord to provide for their needs and to be content with mwhat He provides.  The disciples experienced a great amount of success on their journeys.  However, they quickly forget that experience when Jesus asks them to feed the 5,000.  Jesus attempts to explain to the disciples that their idea of who the Messiah is and what He is to do, is not God's idea.  It is not about the earthly rewards and salvation, but the spiritual.  Peter, James, and John accompanied Jesus when He met with Elijah and Moses.  They did not fully understand what was happening and the significance.  After healing a boy with an evil spirit, Jesus warned the disciples of His coming death, but, again, they did not understand.  The disciples debated who among them was the greatest, showing a lack of understanding of Jesus' message of servitude.  We are never to hesitate to follow Jesus, for earthly people and events will pass, but Jesus is eternal.  In chapter 10, Jesus sends out 72 of His followers, giving them the same instructions He gave to the disciples: rely on the Lord to provide for their needs and be content with what He provides.  An expert in the law, attempted to trick (discredit) Jesus and bolster his own status by questioning Jesus.  The expert thought he was being clever in asking Jesus who his neighbor is, but he was also revealing his true nature: he would follow the law but he would not do anything additional.  He did not have a loving heart and serving attitude.  Anyone in need is our neighbor.  In the story of Martha and Mary, there are two important lessons.  First, do not become so focused on earthly matters that you miss learning opportunities.  Second, it is important that women are also educated about God's word.  Men and women are equal in God's eyes.  During this time, women were restricted on how much they knew and to their womanly duties.  Jesus recognized that such restrictions went against God's intended plan of men and women being partners, and encouraged Mary in her quest for knowledge and understand of God's word. 

World History: The shaking off of dust on your feet when leaving a town was a Jewish tradition when leaving pagan territory.  Doing so in Jewish territory was a powerful and symbolic act to the people of that city, saying they were no better than pagans.





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