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June 14, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Ephesians 4-6

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Context: In chapter 4, Paul is reminding his reader that they are a Christian, so they should act like one!  The world holds the view that everyone is out for themselves.  As Christians, our view is to all work together, each in their role.  We are each given gifts and talents and we are to be satisfied with what we are given, not strive for something we are not.  As Christians, we are to work together, each with their own gift, in service of Christ.  We can accomplish more together than individually.  Paul warns against the sins of the world.  In 5:15-20, Paul compares difference between the worship of Jesus Christ with pagan worship.  Paul provides moral instructions for wives, husbands, children, parents, slaves, and masters.  All should be treated with the love of Christ.  Some scholars look at the instructions for slaves and masters as also being relevant to our employee/employer relationships today.  Paul's final instructions call for all to "put on the full armor of God."  Paul descries typical Roman armor, with which the Ephesians would have been familiar.  Paul ends his letter with a final prayer.

World History: The city of Ephesus was a great pagan city.  It was populous and wealthy, containing some of the greatest pagan temples.  Paul urges the Ephesians to abstain from all pagan activity.





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