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July 12, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Colossians 3-4

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Context: Paul instructs the church to look at the greater picture and not to focus on trivial, earthly matters  Instead focus on transforming your life through Christ.  As a believer in Christ, we should aspire to be like Christ, exhibiting His characteristics.  We can begin with our everyday relationships.  Everything is spiritual in the life of a believer.  Every action should strive to be pleasing to Christ.  We are always to focus on Christ.  Paul concludes this letter with his final greeting, sending word of those with him and providing an introduction for those they may not know.  He also instructs that his letters be shared.  In his final sentence, Paul writes a brief note in his own hand, as opposed to the scribe to which he had been dictating.

World History: The final sentence of this letter may seem odd.  Have you ever printed out a letter and then signed your name at the bottom before sending the letter?  The final sentence acts in the same way.  Other letters from Paul indicate that he may not have had the best handwriting or even been comfortable writing theses letters by his own hand, therefore, he likely employed a scribe, a person who would write the letter while Paul dictated.  A short sentence, written in Paul’s own hand, let the recipients of the letter know that the letter did indeed come from Paul, and not someone posing as Paul.





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