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July 19, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for 1 Thessalonians 1-3

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Author: ApostlePaul, Silas, and Timothy

Date: AD 51


Context:This letter begins as many of Paul’s letters begins, with a greeting and expression of thanks.  Paul always thanks those to whom he writes, so that they may know how much they mean to him.  This teaches us to also go to God with what we are thankful for, not only for our problems.  We should also let others know how much we appreciate them.  Paul and Silas were pleased to hear how the Thessalonian Christians had maintained their faith in spite of persecution.  The Thessalonians are reassured that Paul and Silas see their visit with them as a success, not a failure, even if it did not go as planned.  While in Thessalonica, Paul and Silas did not, as some missionaries do, demand that the local Christians take care of and support them, rather they did all they could to avoid begin a burden on anyone.  Paul encourages the Thessalonians to stay strong and not give up during their times of trouble.  Chapter 3 shows Paul’s concern for the Thessalonians.   Paul was first concerned that he had to leave rapidly and could not stay and encourage the fledging church.  Paul was relieved at the good news Timothy brought and happy that the faith of the Thessalonian Christians continued to grow.

World History: Paul and Silas had visited the Thessalonica, beginning a small church, yet they were quickly run out of town by Jewish leaders, who had them arrested and beaten.  Timothy was eventually sent to them so that he might encourage them.






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