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August 17, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Number 5-8

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Context: God’s laws for the Israelites were not arbitrary.  As we saw in Leviticus, many of the laws had health benefits that we recognize and practice regularly today, such as washing our hands.  God also needed the Israelite camp to be spiritually clean and mandated actions to be taken to ensure its cleanliness.  Today, our churches need to be spiritually clean.  The Nazirite vow was a voluntary one and could be for a set period of time or for life.  The Nazirite vow, like any vow made to the Lord, should be taken seriously and honored.  A vow between yourself and the Lord is greater than a written contract.  Chapter 7 is the second longest chapter in the Bible, the longest being Psalm 119.  Chapter 7 is rather repetitive and records the gifts given at the dedication of the Tabernacle.  Although all the gifts given were identical, the Lord noted who gave what, just as He does today.  Is the Lord first in your life?  We are to walk in the light of Lord and be cleansed through Him.

World History: Samson, one of the Judges of Israel, was given by his parents to be Nazirite.





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