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August 18, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for 1 Chronicles 10-14

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Context: Saul and David.  Haven’t we already read this?  Yes, but remember, the books of Chronicles contain the events that are viewed as important by the Lord.  Between the books of Samuel, there appears to two versions of how Saul died: suicide or by an Amalekite?  Here we see that Saul kills himself.  The Amalekite probably told David that he had killed Saul, hoping to gain favor with David.  It is also clearly stated why Saul died: he failed to follow the Lord, as he was charged.  To God, Israel was one nation.  In God’s eyes, David became king over all of Israel, even though ten tribes initially rejected him.  David followed the Lord’s plan and captured Jerusalem. David’s mighty men were those who stood with him when he was rejected.  Are you a “mighty man” for Christ?  David listened to the advice of men instead of relying on the Lord for returning the Ark of the Covenant.  David wanted to do the right thing, but he went about it the wrong way.  The ark was not meant to be carried on a cart; it was to be carried by the sons of Kohath, as instructed in Numbers 4.  When it comes to following God, we cannot take the easy way.  God was allowing David to prosper and his fame was spreading.  David’s victory over the Philistines came because he listened to the Lord.





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