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September 8, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for 1 Chronicles 25-29

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Context: We continue reading about David organizing and preparing for the Temple of the Lord.  Although David was not to build it - his son Solomon would - David made meticulous preparations not only for construction, but also for the worship and running of the Temple, in accordance with the laws of Moses.  The number of priests and Levities had grown since the time of Moses and there were too many to all serve at once, so David organized them into groups and each group would serve at the Temple for a time each year.  When they were not serving at the Temple, they would return to their hometowns and serve there for the remainder of the year.  David’s final speech serves to acknowledge before all that Solomon was to rule after him.  Upon his death their would be no civil war, no question as to David’s heir.  David also wanted to inspire Solomon and all in the kingdom for the building of the Temple!  Davide wanted them to have the same enthusiasm that he had for the Lord’s Temple!  He assured Solomon that he had gathered all the materials and prepared all the plans.  All Solomon needed to do was build it, so get busy!





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