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September 18, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Amos 5-9

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Context: In chapter 5, Amos laments over a fallen Israel (1-3), appeals for them to repent (4-6), condemns injustices (7), reminds them of the Creator’s sovereign control (8-9), condemns the corruption of justice (10-13), hopes for God’s gracious response (14-15), laments that God will pass through (16-17), describes the darkness of the Day of the Lord (18-20), and the rejection of Israel’s worship (21-27).  In chapter 6, Amos reminds his listeners that Israel was a preeminent nation, surpassing all others (1-7), however they have become a doomed nation (8-14).  Chapter 7 contains three visions of Israel’s imminent destruction: locust (1-3), fire (4-6), and plumb line (7-9).  Amos then debates who is really in charge (10-17).  Chapter 8:1-3 contains a fourth vision of Israel’s imminent destruction.  Amos then describes his vision of Israel’s future destruction and the restoration.  He describes Israel as greedy merchants (4-10) and predicts famine (11-14).  Amos sees the Lord standing by an Alter and praises the Lord Almighty (9:1-6), before describing the destruction of Israel (7-10) and its restoration (11-15).





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