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September 21, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Numbers 25-28

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Context: After all the Lord had done for the Israelites, they were quick to turn away and worship false gods.  Chapter 25 serves as warning against taking our eyes off the Lord and following those who do not worship the Lord God.  Chapter 26 contains another census.  The old generation, with the exception of a select few, have all died off.  Compare the numbers of this census to the census taken at the beginning of the book.  What do you notice?  The first part of chapter 27 looks at the rights of women.  Generally, women had no rights.  Here God grants them their request.  Once again, the Israelites do not follow the examples of other nations.  Moses knows that he will not enter the Promised Land.  The second part of chapter 27 sets up his successor, Joshua.  Joshua was chosen by God, not Moses, because Joshua was filled with the spirit.  God can use a man filled with the spirit however He wishes, no matter his strengths and weaknesses.  Chapter 28 contains a summary of the offerings Israel was to make.  These offerings were previously discussed in Leviticus.  These offerings for the Lord are detailed and meticulous.  They required work and careful attention.  How hard do you work on your relationship with the Lord?  How much attention do you give to the Lord and your relationship with Him?





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