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September 27, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Hebrews 5-7

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Context: God called Jesus to be our High Priest, to represent us before the Lord God.  In order to have compassion for us sinners, He became one of us, experiencing the temptations with which we all struggle.  Jesus’ resurrection demonstrates that He was chosen by God.  While on earth, Jesus set an example for us to follow.  The Hebrews were not growing in their faith, which is why they were considering abandoning their faith in Jesus Christ for the security of their previous beliefs.  In order to grow in our relationship with Christ, we cannot be half-hearted.  We must fully commit to developing a relationship and be willing to abandon sinful activities and those which do not further our relationship with Christ.  The Hebrew readers claimed to be true Christians but were considering returning to Judaism.  They were not fully committed.  The author also provides encouragement to remain true to Christ and shows that God is faithful in His promises.  Chapter 7 continues providing encouragement by using history.  Today, we have greater access to God, through the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ, than the Jews ever had.  Jesus is greater than any high priest who came before Him.  He is our example.





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