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October 3, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Acts 3-4

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Context: Chapter 3 begins with Peter and John partaking in normal activities: they were going to the temple to pray, as they had done countless times before.  On their way in, they encountered beggar who could not walk.  They were drawn to the beggar.  It is an example of the Spirit working!  Sometimes, God throws a ministry opportunity directly in our path, as He did with Peter and John.  By healing the beggar, Peter was able to deliver an amazing and inspiring sermon to all who were gathered around.  This chapter also serves as a reminder as to why we must always be prepared, so that God may use us to our full potential.  We are also reminded that we should not take credit for the works of God.  Chapter 4 continues the story of Peter and John.  Unsurprisingly, the Sadducees received word about Peter and John and were unhappy with what was happening.  Peter and John were the first (recorded) Christians held in jail for their beliefs.  Peter and John did not allow the religious leaders to scare them into silence.  Even while they were in jail, their message spread and many came to know Christ.  The early Christian church was united and dedicated to spreading the Word of God.  How does the early Christian church and their actions differ from churches today?

World History: Jews attended prayers three times a day, which is why Peter and John were on their way to the temple in chapter 3.  Peter and John were held in jail overnight because, according to Jewish Law, judgements must be started and concluded in the same day.





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