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October 4, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Hebrews 8-10 

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Context: Chapter 8 and 9 offer a comparison of the old covenant with the new covenant.  By studying and understanding the old covenant, we can better understand the completeness and freedom offered in the new covenant. The earthly tabernacle is a pale imitation of the Heavenly Tabernacle. The old covenant required multiple sacrifices and only the High Priests, once a year, had access to God.  The old covenant was limiting.  The blood of Jesus Christ, a sinless man who freely chose to die, sealed the new covenant, which offers access to God to all believers.  Jesus Christ was the ultimate sacrifice who removed the stain of sin.  Chapter 10 continues the explanation of Jesus Christ as the ultimate, final sacrifice.  There is no need for another sacrifice.  Following this detailed explanation of the old and new covenant, the author offers some practical advice.  We are to draw near to God, develop and strengthen our relationship with Him.  We should always be learning.  Through our relationship with Him, we will develop spiritual stamina to help us through times of suffering and trials.





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