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October 5, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Numbers 33-36

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Context: Although we do not know what happened to the Israelites during their 40-year journey in the desert, God does.  God was with them every step of the way and He noted every stop, which is recorded for us in chapter 33.  We also read God’s instructions for entering the Promised Land, instructions which the Israelites do not keep.  Chapter 34, although sometimes tedious to read, demonstrates that God had a plan for the Israelites in the Promised Land.  God still has a plan, for them and for us!  Chapter 35 focuses on the cities for the Levites, the ones who worked in His temple. The Lord also distinguishes between intentional and unintentional murder, providing a safe refugee for those who unintentionally murder another.  In the final chapter, we return to a previous issue: the daughters of Zelophehad.  Zelophehad had no sons, only daughters.  The daughters argued that they should be given the inheritance that would otherwise go to the brothers.  The Lord agreed with them.  Now the tribe to which the daughters belong is concerned about losing that land should the girls marry outside the tribe.  The Lord instructed that land could not be transferred between tribes and that the girls must marry within their own tribe.  The Lord protected His people!





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