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October 9, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Micah

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Author: Micah, a prophet

Date: approximately 750-686 BC


Context: The book of Micah contains three cycles of judgement and salvation.  After a brief introduction of Micah, he begins the first cycle: judgment is pronounced in 1:2-2:11, and salvation is reassured in 2:12-13.  Chapter 3 contains the second pronouncement of judgment, while chapter 4 and 5 contain the second reassurance of salvation.  The final judgement is pronounced in 6:1-7:7, and salvation is assured in 7:8-20.  In each cycle, Micah presents the nature of God’s complaint, a proclamation of the Lord’s certain punishment for the Israelites many sins, and a prediction of the salvation by God yet to come, including the Davidic Messiah.  Micah’s predictions include  the destruction of Samaria, the invasion of Judah, the fall of Jerusalem and the temple, the Babylonian deportation, the return for exile, and the restoration.  The lessons in Micah can still be applied today.  He warns against social injustices, governmental corruption, unscrupulous people in positions of authority, selfishness, and religious apostasy.

World History: Micah was a contemporary of Isaiah, Hosea, and Amos.  Micah, prior to being a prophet lived in Moresheth, a small town approximately 25 miles southwest of Jerusalem.





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