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October 23, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Habakkuk

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Context: The book of Habakkuk is not a traditional book of prophecy.  It records Habakkuk’s conversation with the Lord, a conversation in which Habakkuk asks many of the same questions we ask today.  Habakkuk first wonders how long he must cry before the Lord hears him.  He is told to look and watch what is to come.  Habakkuk then asks why God allows evil, a question many continue to ask.  The Lord answers that the wicked are never satisfied with their actions and live in fear of what will happen next.  Peace can only come through the Lord God.  The final chapter is a glorious song and contains visions of past judgments.  Habakkuk ends on a high note, secure in his faith in the Lord.

World History: Habakkuk was a contemporary of Jeremiah, Nahum, and Zephaniah.  Not much is known about Habakkuk, however, his book tells us that he was a philosopher and that he asked questions.





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