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October 26, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Deuteronomy 7-9

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Context: Chapter 7 and 8 outline the possible futures for the Israelites: follow and worship only the Lord God and be blessed, or turn away, worship false idols, and suffer the consequences.  As we know, the Israelites turned away and worshipped false gods.  Israel’s future was foretold by Moses!  Take careful note of the instructions Moses gave.  The Israelites were to completely destroy opposing nations so that the nations could not lead the Israelites into sin and temptation.  The Israelites failed to follow this command.  God gave His commands out of love - He wanted to spare His children the pain and suffering that would come from joining other nations.  Chapter 8 and 9 reviews the past and how God has blessed them and cared for them.  The Lord heard their cry while they were enslaved in Egypt and freed them.  He provided for them while they wandered the desert.  The Lord also warns of what will occur of they do not worship Him.  The Israelites had failed the Lord in the past.  Moses went to the Lord for the Israelites and asked the Lord to spare them.  But Moses would not be with them in the Promised Land.





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