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November 15, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for 2 Peter

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Author: Simon Peter

Date: Uncertain, shortly before the death of Peter, which likely occurred in AD 67/68 


Context: Peter does not specify to whom he writing, but his message to them in this short letter is clear.  Peter begins with a standard introduction.  Notice this time, Peter uses the name Simon Peter instead of simply Peter, which shows the change that had occurred in his life since his time with Jesus Christ.  As a follower of Christ, our life should change.  We are no longer to be part of the world, but separate from it.  In the second part of chapter 1, Peter defends the truth of Jesus Christ.  He saw Christ and learned from Him.  He witnessed Jesus’ transfiguration on the mountain!  Additionally, everything the prophets of old foretold about Him was correct.  These assertions lead to a warning against false teachers.  Every Christian must beware of false teachers.  It is extremely important to know, throughly know, the Word of God so that you cannot be led astray by false teachers.  False teachers are rarely obvious.  They build their lies with hints of truths.  At first glance, their lies appear truthful, but they collapse under scrutiny.  We must scrutinize all that we are taught to ensure that it is in accordance with God’s word.  In the final chapter, Peter talks of Christ’s second coming.  It is in the Bible.  The prophets foretell it.  We must be prepared.  Our lives and actions should reflect a life of Christ.  Peter concludes by giving glory to the Lord.





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