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December 8, 2015: Daily Bible Reading with Commentary for Nehemiah 10-13

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Context: In chapter 10, the Israelites make a covenant with the Lord.  They are promising the keep the Law, a promise their ancestors had failed to uphold.  Note the specifics of what they promise.  They are promises that the Israelites have a history of failing to keep.  Chapter 11 and the first half of chapter 12 record the new residents of Jerusalem.  The others went out and made their homes in smaller cities in the country.  The remainder of chapter 12 covers the celebration in Jerusalem when they dedicated the wall to the Lord.  We do not always have to be serious when worshipping the Lord.  Celebrate!  Smile!  Be joyful!  Just as the Israelites were.  Unfortunately, it did not take Israel long to return to their previous ways when Nehemiah was no longer with them.  It is a rather gloomy conclusion to this book.  Nehemiah once again returns to the Israelites to straighten them out.  Take note of Nehemiah’s final words.  God remembered him, and placed Nehemiah in His book, so that all may remember him and his work.





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