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July 14, 2017: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for Ezekiel 25-30

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Commentary: A new section begins, which is similar to many prophecies written in Isaiah, as they concern judgements that will fall on other nations.  During the time of Ezekiel, Israel and Judah were being, or had been, punished for their sins against the Lord, at the hands of a wicked nation.  Just as Israel and Judah suffered, so too will the nations who reject the Lord God.  Chapter 25 contains prophecies against many nations, explaining why they will be punished and what their punishment will be.  In chapter 26, Tyre's sin is identified (1-6), details of Tyre's imminent destruction are foretold (7-14), the effects the judgment will have on Tyre's neighbors (15-18), and Tyre's descent into the pit (18-21).  Chapter 27 is a lament over the loss of Tyre including the presentation of the city (1-9), the significance of the city (10-24), and the destruction of the city (25-36).  Chapter 28 begins with a prophecy against the king of Tyre including the indictment against the king (1-5) and the announcement of his punishment (6-10).  The remainder of chapter 28 is the final lament for the king of Tyre and bears many similarities to Isaiah 14, which describes the fall of Lucifer.  The next four chapters contain seven prophecies against Egypt. Chapter 29 contains two prophecies, exposing the sins and judgment (1-16), and foretelling that Egypt will suffer the same fate as Tyre (17-21).  Chapter 30 foretells that Egypt and her allies will be devastated (1-19), and that Egypt will be helpless in the day of Yahweh (20-26).

Focus Verses: 28:1-2, 8-9  What are these verse warning against?  What will happen to those who think themselves equal to God?




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