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October 10, 2017: Daily Bible Reading Commentary for 2 Chronicles 16-20

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Commentary: Asa was considered a good king of Judah during his reign, however, he turned to Syria for protection instead of the Lord.  A prophet rebuked Asa, which he ignored.  Asa continued to further turn from the Lord, relying on physicians to heal him instead of the Lord.  Asa’s son, Jehoshaphat was also a good king who led a revival greater than that of his father.  Jehoshaphat entered into an alliance with Ahab, king of Israel, by marrying Ahab’s daughter.  Jehoshaphat followed Ahab into battle, not seeking the directions of the Lord first.  Without the Lord, it was not successful and Jehoshaphat was later rebuked for his actions.

Focus Verses: 16:7-13  What can be learned from Asa?  Are you stubborn?  Where can this lead?





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