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February 27, 2024

JUDGES 17-21
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Today, we conclude our journey through the book of Judges. Looking back at our study over the last several weeks, you have likely come to see the circular nature of the nation of Israel. Reject God, suffer, repent and seek a deliver, experience deliverance, return to God, repeat.

Take a few moments and pray for God’s guidance and wisdom for today’s journey. Read Judges 17 through 21. Let’s begin!

JudgesThe book of Judges tells the tragic story of Israel’s moral corruption and decay, leading to their abandonment of following the laws of the Lord as given to Moses. The Book of Judges gets its name from the types of leaders during this time, but they were not legal judges like we have today.

Judges 17-21: Our study today begins with a man named Micah. Through Micah’s life, we see how far the Israelites have fallen from true worship of the Lord. Micah wanted God’s blessings without being completely dedicated to God. Israel was turning from the true God. The tribe of Danites were seeking a place to dwell as they forsook the territory God had given them. The Danites encounter Micah, steal his Levite priest, claim the land of Laish, and place an idol in the place where they worshiped the Lord. The tribe of Danites became lawless criminals. Through the Levites and his wife, war is declared on the tribe of Benjamin. Israel had turned its back on God. The tribe of Benjamin refused to turn over the murderers of the concubine. Although the other tribes consulted God, it took them three attempts to defeat the tribe of Benjamin. In victory, the Israelites killed every woman and child of the tribe of Benjamin. They allowed 600 warriors of the tribe of Benjamin to survive. The surviving Benjaminites were to have wives so the tribe would not cease to exist. (Judges 17:1-21:25)

Read chapters 17 through 21, and consider the following: Is it a coincidence that as Israel continued its moral decay, its judges, although used by the Lord, lacked the moral base to lead Israel? Do you follow the way of the Lord? Do you follow the crowd and do as you see fit? What/Who does an observer of your life believe you worship?


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