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Pat Robertson Dies
Christian evangelists Pat Robertson, founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network, died at the age of 93. His wife died last year. Pray for his children and family during this difficult time.


Missouri executed Michael Tisius on Tuesday, June 6, 2023, at the Eastern Reception, Diagnostic, & Corrections Center in Bonne Terre, Missouri. Forty-two-year-old Michael is convicted of murdering jail officers Leon Egley and Jason Acton on June 22, 2000, in Huntsville, Missouri. Read more here.

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275 Die After Train Derails in India
At least 275 people died, and over 1100 injured, after two passenger trains derailed in Balasore, Odisha, India. The initial investigation indicates that the collision and derailment was caused by a signal failure. The investigation is ongoing. The first passenger train crashed into a freight train, causing some cars to fall onto another track. A second passenger train then crashed into the derailed cars. Over 2300 people were onboard the trains. Pray for the families of the deceased. Pray for healing for the injured. Pray for all affected.

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30 Killed in Sokoto, Nigeria
At least 30 people were killed in raids by armed men in northern Sokoto state in Nigeria. The coordinated attacks happened after evening prayers in two separate villages. After the shooting, the men set the bodies on fire, along with the animals they killed. Allegedly, the attacks were carried out as reprisals for refusing to pay the men for protection. Pray for the families of the deceased. Pray for all affected.

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Sermon on the Mount - Murder

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Floods in Ecuador
Over 12 hours of rainfall in Ecuador has led to six rivers overflowing and over 500 people needing to be evacuated from their homes. So far, no deaths have been reported. Pray for the evacuated families. Pray for all affected.

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Human Remains Found in Mexico
Authorities in Mexico have discovered 45 bags containing human remains outside the city of Guadalajara, Mexico. The discovery was made as authorities were investigating the disappearance of seven call center workers. The search is ongoing. The remains contain men and women and have not yet been identified. Pray for the safety of the missing. Pray for the families of the deceased.

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22 Die in Malawi
At least 22 amateur football (soccer) players and supporters died after the vehicle in which they were traveling overturned. They were driving back from a match. Several others were injured, with at least 12 being injured. Pray for the families of the deceased. Pray for healing for the injured.

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