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15 Killed in an Earthquake in Ecuador
At least 15 people are dead, and over 400 others injured, after a 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck the southern coast of Ecuador. El Oro, Ecuador was the worst-hit area when the earthquake struck around midday. Several other cities were also affected. Buildings were damaged and destroyed. Pray for the families of the deceased. Pray for healing for the injured. Pray for safety.

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2 Hostages Released in Niger
Jeffery Woodke and Olivier Dubois, a US aid worker and a French journalist, have been released by the militants who had kidnapped them. Jeffery went missing in Niger in 2016, while Oliver was kidnapped and held hostage in Mali for the last two years. Authorities in Niger assisted in securing their release. Pray for them and their families. Pray for all who remain in captivity.


Gerald Ross Pizzuto, Jr. was scheduled to be executed on Thursday, March 23, 2023.  His execution has ben stayed.  Gerald is convicted of beating to death 58-year-old Berta Herndon and her nephew, 37-year-old Del Dean Herndon, at a mountain cabin near McCall, Idaho.   Read more here.

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Grain Deal Extended Between Russia and Ukraine
Both Russia and Ukraine have agreed to terms that allow Ukraine to continue exporting millions of tons of grain through the Black Sea, without being targeted by Russian troops and artillery. Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began over a year ago, several similar deals have been made, as Ukraine is one of the top grain producers in the world. Russia currently blocks access to the ports necessary to ship the grain. Pray for peace and continued cooperation.

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Floods Follow Earthquake in Turkey
After suffering from a devastating earthquake that killed over 48,000 people in early February, the same areas are now also experiencing torrential rains, resulting in flash flooding. At least 16 people have died in the flooding, as rescue workers continue their search efforts. The flooding has occurred in areas housing earthquake survivors. Pray for the families of the deceased. Pray for the safety of all affected and for rescue workers.

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10 Killed in Kohistan, Pakistan
A house fire in Kohistan in northwestern Pakistan has killed 10 people and injured three others. It is unclear what caused the fire in the wooden house, whose roof eventually collapsed. Pray for the families of the deceased. Pray for healing for the injured.

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California Faces Another Storm
Power remains out for thousands of California residents as another storm threatens the state. In the past several weeks, at least 13 people have died as a result of storms that have caused flooding and freezing temperatures. Pray for the families of the deceased. Pray for all affected.

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