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6 Killed at University in Perm, Russia

A gunman opened fire at Perm State University in Perm, Russia, killing six people and injuring 28 others. Police have apprehended the shooter, who posted on social media that he was consumed by hatred and wanted to harm others. Pray for the families of the deceased. Pray for healing for the injured. Pray for peace.

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Cumbre Vieja Volcano Erupts in Spain

The Cumbre Vieja volcano on the Spanish island of La Palma began erupting over the weekend. Over 5,000 residents were forced to evacuate due to flowing lava. Approximately 100 homes have been destroyed so far. Pray for all effected.

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Protests in Melbourne, Australia

Construction sites throughout Melbourne, Australia have been closed for two weeks following protests. The protests were against a requirement to prove employees were vaccinated before they could access the job site. Property damage was reported and violence erupted between the protesters and the police. Pray for a peaceful resolution.

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Increasing Restrictions for Women in Afghanistan

The Taliban mayor of Kabul, Afghanistan has instructed all female municipal employees to stay home, unless their jobs cannot be done by a man. Additionally, secondary education is currently only available to boys, with the Taliban insisting it is working at reopening schools for girls. When the Taliban was perviously in power, women were restricted from working and receiving an education. Pray for all affected.

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Voting Restrictions in Hong Kong

In May of 2021, a controversial electoral reform law was passed, with critics warning it would remove all opposition from parliament. In a recent election for the Election Committee, the number of registered voters was slashed by almost 97% and only “patriotic” candidates were permitted to run. In recent years, China has been greatly increasing its influence on the territory, which had been permitted many freedoms not allowed in mainland China.

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Migrants Swarm Texas/Mexico Border
The number of migrants attempting to enter the United States illegally has greatly increased in the past month. They are often left waiting in high temperatures with little food and water. Pray for a peaceful resolution.

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