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March 5, 2024

RUTH 1-4
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Our journey today takes us through the entire book of Ruth, the great-grandmother of King David! Ruth, a despised Moabite, gleans a relationship with Boaz, a wealthy relative of Naomi, who becomes guardian-redeemer of Naomi and husband to Ruth. Ruth was noticed for her character. Although a Moabite, she was a woman who knew what was right and did the right thing. She was a woman of action. Likewise, it was the character of Boaz that was noticed by Naomi.

Take some time with the Lord, sharing things with Him and seeking His direction on all things in your life, while asking for His understanding of the book of Ruth. Read the four chapters that comprise the book of Ruth. Let’s journey!

In the past several weeks, we have looked at Israel and its moral decay during the time of judges. The book of Ruth takes place during the time of judges, although it is not specified when. God is mentioned very little throughout the book, however He is obviously working behind the scenes.

Ruth 1-4: We begin today’s journey with Elimelek fleeing famine-ravaged Bethlehem, the place the Lord had given him, moving his family to Moab. Moabites were despised by Israel. While there, Elimelek dies leaving his wife, Namoi, a widow. Her two sons, Mahon and Kilion, who married Moabite women, also died, leaving her without children. The famine ends in Bethlehem and Naomi decides to return. She advises her two daughters-in-law that they may remain in their homeland.

Orpah stays. Ruth refuses to leave her mother-in-law, Naomi, moving to Bethlehem with her. Ruth was committed. Widowed from a son of Naomi, Ruth fully engaged herself in her relationship to being daughter-in-law of Naomi. Naomi released her from those obligations, suggesting that Ruth remain with her people and marry a Moabite, one of Ruth’s people, so she may have children. Ruth understood obligation does not cease when hardship arises and refused to abandon her mother-in-law, traveling to Bethlehem with her to care for her.

Once in Bethlehem, Naomi directs people to call her Mara, which means bitter in taste or experience, instead of Naomi which means pleasant, lovely, delightful. Naomi used her circumstances to allow her to take pity upon herself rather than engage them with God’s help to pass through them. Upon arriving in Bethlehem, Ruth goes to work to support Naomi and herself. Boaz notices and speaks with Ruth. Ruth meets Boaz on the threshing floor, advising him that he was Naomi’s guardian-redeemer. He informed her that another person was more closely related to Elimelek than he. Boaz told Ruth that he would do his duty, not when he got around to it, but in the morning: immediately!

The next morning, Boaz confronts the other relative about doing his duty as guardian-redeemer of Naomi. The relative was willing until he learned of Ruth and became fearful of diluting his wealth. Boaz redeemed Naomi, taking Ruth as his wife. A guardian-redeemer purchases the land of the widow’s wife, leaving her without land but with money to support herself. Because Naomi had a daughter-in-law, Ruth, children had by Ruth would share in Boaz’s estate (inheritance). Boaz and Ruth have a child, Obed, the father of Jesse, the father of King David. (Ruth 1:1-4:22)

Read through the entire book of Ruth, and consider the following: What is your character? Do you show loyalty? Is God working in your life right now? Perhaps behind the scenes?


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