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March 8, 2024

ISAIAH 51-55
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Our journey through the book of Isaiah today is the journey of redemption. In today’s journey, God confirms that the unjust, those who challenge His ways, and threaten to separate His creation from Him, shall receive His judgment; however, God proclaims redemption for those who seek after Him, adopting His ways.

Before reading Isaiah 51-55, take some time to seek out the Lord. Seek His understanding of today’s reading. Read Isaiah 51-55. Let’s journey!

IsaiahFollowing Solomon’s death, the Kingdom of Israel was split in two; Judah, in the south, consisted of two tribes and remained under the control of Solomon’s son Rehoboam, while Israel, to the north, consisted of the remaining ten tribes and came under the control of Jeroboam. The split occurred around 930 BC. During the nearly 200 years in between the split and the writing of Isaiah, the two nations were often at war. Throughout the book of Isaiah, the prophet offers both messages of coming judgment and of hope for redemption.

Isaiah 51-55: The righteous of the Lord becoming weary waiting on Him. Isaiah shares God’s revelation with the weary allowing them comfort in knowing God has not forgotten them and that God will punish their tormentors. God proclaims that He will restore Israel in Jerusalem. Remember, the Babylonians had occupied Jerusalem and had defiled it by worshiping false gods there, engaging in every sin known, and openly blaspheming the God of Israel. Judgment and restoration are coming. The coming of the Messiah, Jesus the Christ, is foretold. The prophecy also tells of how He will be received by His people, Israel. The detail of His life with us on earth is so explicit, yet so simply stated, that it is difficult to understand how anyone could not know that Jesus is the Son of God. That Jesus is our Redeemer. God describes Jerusalem as a bride who has departed her husband. God is referring to the sin of Israel and the debauchery of the Babylonian captivity. As a husband should his wife, God reclaims the Holy City, Jerusalem, restoring her to a more glorious and beautiful state than Jerusalem was before. God invites all to seek after Him, find Him, know Him, because there will come a time when it will be too late. God also cautions the reader by letting us know that we mere mortals cannot understand Him. We must come to Him, trusting Him in faith. (Isaiah 51:1-55:13)

Read chapters 51 through 55 and ask yourself these questions: What warning of judgment is Isaiah giving? What message of hope is Isaiah giving? Why does Isaiah give both messages?


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